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Ask questions and meet interesting people from your neighbourhood, answer questions and make new relationships. Thanks to AskChat, you will save time, meeting only the proper people. Reach out to people who you wouldn't meet in any other way and make new, incredible connections.

Discover the app which will allow you to open yourself to a new communication channel. It's such a great way to make contact with people you fancy and meet those who will steal your heart with their answers.

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Ask a question
Think about the things which are important to you and ask about them. You can also use questions which were prepared specially for you. Your questions will be sent to a group of people in your neighbourhood.
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You will receive answers to your question from many people. Listen to your heart and select the one which speeds up your heart beat or/and touches you the most
Chat with the best
After you chose someone's answer, start chatting with this person. Perhaps it's the beggining of the best relationship in your life.
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